Would you go to war without a plan?

Would you build a 10-story building without an engineer or a blueprint?

No! Guess what?

Most BJJ beginners venture themselves into a tournament without a PLAN and the result of that is certain defeat. Waste of money, time, frustration.

In a BJJ tournament of let's say 1000 competitors, 500 (FIVE HUNDRED!!!) athletes lose their FIRST MATCH and GO HOME with empty hands.

Then on round 2, another 250 lose and go home too! Losing while you're a beginner white belt is so frustrating and is a major factor for a lot of people to quit their journey.

For the first time ever, professor Thadeu Vieira is releasing his secret Blue Print of Champions.

The Vieira Jiu-Jitsu team has a unique success rate of 70% individual wins in tournaments.

Be the next champion too!

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BJJ Kids Champion

Professor Thadeu Vieira formed several champions, such as:

Whether for children or adults,

this course can be the differential between becoming a Champion or a Loser in your first BJJ tournament experiences.

One should not compete without a compass designed to navigate the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament experience. The regular beginners classes at the academy may not be enough to prepare you for Victory.

For the cost of one private class or a tournament entry fee and travel expenses, this program can help you to maximize your chances to succeed, have clarity during the process and enjoy your journey.

Get ready to jump into this extra work and have an edge against your competitors!

A Glimpse of Professor Thadeu Vieira’s Becoming a BJJ Champion Course


Introduction, Tournament Metrics & Timing

Final Destination

Dominant Positions Submissions Mastery

Mounting Techniques

Immobilization System

Guard Neutralization & Passing

Standing Strategy & Takedowns

Guard Systems

Position Escapes

Standing Strategy & Takedowns

Be the next champion too!

Join now for the
BJJ Kids Champion

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